About the Artist

Lynda Bjornson Moyer

Lynda is a native of Quebec.  She moved to Nova Scotia where she met and married the American artist, Francis Moyer. He encouraged and helped cultivate her innate and exceptional talent in drawing and oil painting. Her first oil painting, a copy of Rembrandt’s “The Anatomy Lesson” is shown (right).

She studied and mastered the art of Chiaroscuro, which are the effects of light with shade. Her art work reflects the influence of the great masters such as Rembrandt, Velasquez, Ingres and Sargeant. Her mastery of light is also demonstrated in her wide range of subject matter i.e. still- life, landscape , seascape, figures as well as European village scenes. She states that, the only difference between a reproduction copy of an original such as the “Mona Lisa” would be in the age in the canvas.


Lynda was commissioned to paint and provide a painting for King Harald V of Norway.  Lynda’s rendition of  “Evangeline” is on display at Grand Pré and was used as book cover.

Lynda is an outstanding and dynamic teacher with 30 years of experience as a professional artist.  She has been teaching art for 20 years to all ages from beginners to accomplished artists.  She specializes in portraiture and instructs en Francais and in English from her studio in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

Lynda B Moyer paintings have been exhibited in several galleries in Canada: Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and others.

The reputable Zwicker’s Gallery featured Paintings by Lynda Moyer in:

Arts Atlantic Magazine
– Spring 2003 No. 74.
– Back Cover


Canadian Art Magazine
– Spring 2003 Vol. 20
– No. 1, pg 43.


Lynda Moyer