Lynda’s Art Services

Customized Lessons

Contact Lynda in person to discuss lesson details.
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Learn to Draw

Some people just want to learn to draw.  You can select a full drawing coarse through all the levels or a 4 session starter package.

Level 1 – Perspective
Level 2 – Understanding mass and value
Level 3 – Live Drawing
Level 4 – Anatomy and more complex drawings

See Sample Drawings

Workshop Demonstrations

Increase your fine art skills as a group.  Workshop training demonstrations can be offered to groups of two or more participants.  Contact Lynda to discuss the perfect session to advance your fine art training with her proven step by step method.  Art workshops includes drawing, painting, figure, portraits, landscape, seascape and special events ‘en plein air.’


Commissions and Portraits

Portraits of family members, friends, pets, business executive, etc.

Fees for each portrait depend upon:

  • Dimension (full length or head & shoulders, size of canvas, etc.)
  • Background complexity
  • Media (oil painting, charcoal, graphite, pastel)
  • Number of faces per canvas

Copy of the Old Masters

Any of the Master works, from medieval to impressionist, can be copied.  If you love a piece of fine art, talk to Lynda about owning a copy for yourself.

Professional Critique

Critique and advice can be offered to artists on a their work.

Call to discuss or request an art service.
Lynda Moyer