Custom Art Lessons

The Art Program Emphases:

  • Materials and tools of the trade
  • Standard, basic drawing
  • Perspective and fore-shortening drawing
  • Still life drawing
  • Colour mixing and paint applications
  Instruction begins with the appreciation of fine art materials and techniques.   Proper preparation and maintenance of material is emphasized.  Drawing students explore the different paper options, as well as the various mediums such as graphite, charcoal, and assorted conte and nupastels.  For oil painting, an understanding is developed as to where and when specific mediums are used, and the layers of the painting procedure. Lynda’s custom instruction consists of specific steps and multiple levels.  Students begin their training with drawing ‘from the flat’.  Drawing work is done using graphite and progresses through increasing levels of difficulty.  The use of specifically prepared drawings, geared towards painting, help the student to quickly and effectively understand light and dark patterns, shape, proportion and tone.  This teaches the student basic rendering skills. After these fundamental skills ‘from the flat’ are mastered, a progression is made to the plaster cast and working ‘in the round’ using vine and assorted types of charcoal. Charcoal drawing introduces the concept of big form modelling, and is an essential part of realistic representation. For the purposes of accuracy and application, Lynda uses the sight-size method.  In conjunction with this method, Lynda teaches a system of comparative measurements and how to associate the conceptual and the realistic.  (This approach is unique among recent realist academies.) With the completion of charcoal studies, the cast is used again in order to learn the medium characteristics of oil paint.  Painting in oil from the cast begins with monochrome study and progresses into the subtleties of colour. All learned skills culminate in the final level of the program. Using the application of ‘still life’ each student acquires a full understanding of colour, texture, and the illusion of space & three-dimensional form. In addition, the study of the human figure is emphasized. Still demonstrations are provided to teach the understanding of gesture, proportion, design and subtle colour.


Art lessons can be tremendously rewarding for any artist whether novice or experienced.  It is personally therapeutic in many ways, and enhances both focus and concentration. Lessons and professional guidance can not only improve the quality of work, but also increases creative confidence.
  • Unique Teaching Program
  • Drawing & oil painting for beginners to advanced
  • Progress at your own pace
  • Bilingual (en Francais)
  • Discover your unknown artistic ability.


“They both are excellent teachers; mindful, patient and professional. I always look forward to my next class!” – Diana W.
“I appreciate the Art School’s professional approach, constructive criticism and patience. You lose all sense of time when drawing and painting!” – Noreen M.
“The Art School is a wonderful place to facilitate the learning of drawing and painting skills, no matter what level. Lynda and Francis are very positive and supportive teachers.” – Jean H.
“Excellent and thorough instruction method allows student to expand their skills and creativity.” – Sharon H.

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